“I don’t just want to challenge conventional leadership theory, I want to go a step further and present an approach that not only changes how we think about leadership, but also the way we live our life altogether.”

“Andrew formed a personal connection with over 100 people in the room in less than 15 minutes – a remarkable achievement”

Dan Foreman – TEDx

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Andrew Sillitoe Is Your House In Order


#NoFluffyBollocks  |  @andrewsillitoe

The business landscape is changing and organisations must adapt if they want to survive. A commitment to doing something big, bold and meaningful in the world is what inspires, drives, or even compels a new generation of employees to achieve excellence.

Andrew Sillitoe inspires leaders and teams to find their purpose so they can thrive, become more agile and operate at their full potential.

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Don’t follow the results.

Follow your purpose and the results will follow you.”

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