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7 Days To Flow - Free Become less stressed, more focused and get better results: a seven-day roadmap to flow and peak performance.


Join professional athletes, CEOs, A-list celebrities and 10,000+ other students to boost your productivity, performance and well-being.


An innovative 1-day workshop that provides a clear pathway to reduce stress, boost productivity, attain superior results, and enhance overall well-being.


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Our members are high-performing professionals, executives, and individuals who strive for excellence in their careers, personal development, and overall well-being.

In this community, we inspire and hold each other accountable to achieve peak performance, cultivate purpose, and embrace a holistic approach to success.


" I have worked with Andrew for the last 12 months and have seen significant improvements both personally and professionally. Andrew has helped to instil the motivation and desire to succeed far beyond what I thought was possible and is always available to provide guidance and advice. "

— Daniel Clarkson - Head of Partnerships at Google & GB Athlete

" I have worked with Andrew for a number of years, and his leadership and guidance have helped me focus and again re-focus when I have lost my way. Andrew's method is a simplistic but essential approach to life and business to ensure you get the maximum out of every day. "

— Brett Ennals - CEO

Keynote Speaker

Andrew spoke at our conference in London and Copenhagen. Andrew is an Inspirational speaker. Andrew’s ability to be relevant and real makes his presentations and work pay dividend to your organisation. World class!”

Andreas Karlsson

“Andrew gave an awesome talk at our TEDx event. He engaged us all with his tales and his wisdom to perform at a higher level. Andrew formed a personal connection with over 100 people in the room in less than 15 minutes – a remarkable achievement.”

Dan Foreman

“To my mind, Andrew stands out; aside from his honed skills of engagement, persuasion, inspiration and influence, he is a genuine, authentic and thoroughly nice chap – I love his tie-in with sport – what an incredible journey, and thank you for sharing Andrew.”

Samantha Knowles

" I have worked with Andrew since early 2017. He has provided coaching to me. He is arguably one of the best around. His coaching is not fluffy, and it delivers real bottom-line results."

— Wayne Brophy - CEO

Managing The Mist

Performance Psychologist & Speaker

Less Stress. More Flow. Better Results

I dive deep into human psychology, leadership, and well-being to give you a unique, digestible way to achieve flow and peak performance.

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