Andrew’s Blog: Was It That Good?

Was it as much fun as we remember or were we just over committing?

Did we play less and was laughter a foreign language?

I don’t remember engaging in much small talk – I didn’t have the time.

It was a lot of work and not as much play. And the worse thing is that were probably making those who love us unhappy as they waited impatiently on the sidelines.

Let’s take note of the things that have made our lives and those we care about  better.

When we focus on true wealth in our body, relationships and mindset, the rewards are much greater.

Or do we go back to the fast paced, busy fools we once were accelerating towards burnout.

Andrew’s Blog: Three Is Enough

Keeping things simple and streamlined doesn’t come easy to hyper-achievers who have a heightened sense of awareness and a compulsion for doing more.

We pick up every detail, making our schedules cluttered and creating an emotional deficit with ourselves.

I used to fill my day with so many tasks, which could be outsourced, delegated or completely ignored.

I have learnt to focus on the power of three – just three.

Choose three tasks that you must do this week in your business – not 4,5 or 8. Then identify three tasks you need to get done today that will help you get there.

Success comes when we allow the things that we jump to without real thought, to simply disappear.

Otherwise we never reach the goal because we are on path that is full of a thousand things.

What are the three tasks you need to complete today?



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Andrew’s Blog: It Will Never Be Enough

How much is enough?

It is difficult to define when you’re never satisfied with what you have – especially as a Hyper-achiever.

Like a professional athlete we are measured by our last game. But the Hyper-achiever is always looking at the next big thing.

I have spent way too long trying to prove to others that I am worthy – even though I had credibility, my inner voice said it wasn’t enough – it was like I was winning a race and still continuing to sprint when it was over.

We have to learn to appreciate when we have done enough. We have to learn how to believe the internal measure is far more important than the external approval.

The 4 Keys teaches us that a little success in your business, body, relationships and mindset can go a long way – we need to allow ourselves to feel great about each small success and not just chasing the big vision.

Otherwise if we keep driving ourselves forward we may never return from the addiction of success.

Enjoy the small gifts on this Sunday.

Andrew’s Blog: Becoming Your Best Self

Doing a job that provides no pleasure just to make the mortgage payment is a sacrifice that many executives learn to regret.

It is so easy to lose ourselves in the obsession of the next promotion, closing that next big contract or getting the bonus, as if life will be better when we achieve more.

But in reality nothing changes, except more responsibility and more problems.

I have had to examine hard why I do what I do. I have to remind myself of my bigger purpose and not deviate from it – every decision I make must be aligned.

Having a goal is important. But how does it align to your purpose? Who are you serving by achieving the goal?

Find time to play everyday, find joy in everything you do by making life better for those around you. Your customers, your team and your family.

Otherwise this life could pass you by like it has for so many executives only to wish they could reverse time.

Andrew’s Blog: This Will Burn You Out

You signed up for the half marathon, you’re coaching your lads football team, you’re hitting the 6am workout of the day, gotta stay fit.

You’re the CEO and everything runs through you, you’re making big decisions everyday.

It seems productive and the dopamine hit feels good. But you can become a bottleneck in your own business.

It’s hard to say no – I have been there and it ended in separation and a mental breakdown.

Be aware of your own limitations. Take joy in the small things that others don’t see.

Being involved in everything will lead to burnout and lost time you will never get back.

Andrew’s Blog: 100mph in the Wrong Direction

It’s easy for ambitious people to plan ahead and forget to truly enjoy the moment.

It seems we always have to be somewhere to be, set new goals or work a new project to work on, and see everyone else racing ahead.

How do we keep up?

I used to panic seeing competitors being so productive. I would force my work through just for the sake of it.

But in reality they were no faster than me – in many cases I noticed they were heading in the wrong direction.

I have learnt that it is better to move slowly in the right direction than 100 mph in the wrong direction. It’s a long way back…

Whilst it is important to keep an eye on the future, and have a vision and roadmap – we also need to remember that the days take care of the years.

What will you do today that you will thank yourself for in the future?

Andrew’s Blog: Were You Any Good?

You look at the clock and realise you’re 10 minutes late for your next Zoom meeting.

You try and wrap it up with your prospect, take a breath and click the link for the next call.

You get through it.

The day is over and you think back, did I move my body and exercise? Did I have lunch with my family? Take a walk? Did I close any deals?

Was I any good?

I have learnt the hard way, that the more time I take to be still, think, breathe, reflect, the better my next coaching call or business development call is.

When we put as much effort into our down time as we do our meetings and tasks, we realise that more quality is produced.

To do great work we must build in time to plan, to be still and reflect.

Otherwise we lose our sharpness, thinking skills and the ability to share better work.

How do you slow down to speed up?

Andrew’s Blog: The Problem with Money

Many business owners can’t get ahead because of their relationship with money, despite having an incredible product and brand.

Whilst there are many business owners who are hungry to make money, many people feel guilty about asking for money.

To overcome money guilt we need to reprogram our association with money to a feeling of worthiness.

It’s recognising that every person is deserving of a wealthy life.

Do you need to prove to yourself that you have a clear purpose to make money?

Once you prove to yourself that you have a worthy reason for making money you will experience the financial rewards you deserve.

Otherwise you may find you never get ahead financially in your business.

What type of relationship do you have with money?

Andrew’s Blog: Do You Need It?

We fill every corner of our house and our lives with a lot s#•t we don’t didn’t need.

Don’t get me wrong I love nice things, I enjoy driving a nice a car, wearing nice clothes, having the latest gadgets, but I have learnt to draw the line.

I could justify buying anything I didn’t need – somehow I would convince myself I deserved it.

Let’s think about the things we truly need today not just what we believe we deserve or give us status.

We know that our health, the precious time we have on this planet, our families and the roof over our heads are the real riches in life. Right?

These things are sustainable and lead us to a life of purpose.

Rather than putting pressure on ourselves to keep up and maintain status in a social circle.

Is your social circle helping you or hindering you from becoming the person you want be?

Andrew’s Blog: Learn To Fail Hard

The fear of failure is one of the biggest barriers to reaching our full potential.

I have experienced this first hand as an athlete and as head coach of Team GB.

I remember my first game as head coach against Australia. The team was very nervous. The previous year Australia had beaten us in the quarter finals.

I had no doubt we would win. We were so well prepared.

So I asked the team to fail as hard as they could. I told the team they could fail 25% of the time and still win the game.

I knew we would make mistakes a maximum of 10%. But I wanted us to play with intent, zero fear of criticism, rejection or failure.

Now I live my life this way and it has opened up so many opportunities.

Learn how to embrace failure and fail hard. If you free yourself of of the fear of failure and rejection, you will learn how much more you are capable of.

Unleash yourself and commit to your goals.

Or stay in your comfort zone and never reach your full potential.