Andrew’s Blog: You’ll Be By Yourself

Too much speed at work is a result of addiction and the desire for instant gratification. Working at pace masks our ignorance of what is actually taking place.

We worry that if we slow down our thinking, something may manifest itself, which could slow down progress.

Busy leaders prefer not to allow this to happen – the more unaware we are the quicker the decision can be made.

We make change happen for the sake of change without any real thought.

We may believe this is a good sign of authority!

But we know that this eventually catches up with us and we get found out, not just at work, but in the home too!

Slow down and simplify the workplace you are in. Reflect on your traits, and how you are complicating the work environment.

This will help you see the bigger picture and bring people on the journey with you.

If you keep speeding ahead, people get left behind and you’ll end up by yourself.

Andrew’s Blog: Fail Fast, Learn Quick

Hyper-achievers are addicted to success. They are focused on the next promotion, winning a big deal or being the business leader of the year.

I wanted to know how I could grow my business, win more games, lift heavier, sprint faster.

And who was monitoring me, judging me, pushing me?

For the most part, it was my inner voice. The voice that was scared of failure and didn’t appreciate the opportunity that failure would bring.

Take time to discover the small wins and gaps, and not just in your business, but also in your health, relationships and mindset.

Learn to step back and evaluate the details, then you will notice how the small wins and losses move you forward.

Going big all the time is a distraction from reality and will stop you from reaching your full potential.

What is your process for failing fast and learning quick?

Andrew’s Blog: Go to the Source

Our parents in most cases are our first models of behaviour. For men, it is usually their fathers.

Everyone I know who has a workaholic lifestyle or some level of self-sabotage can direct it back to their parents.

Remember your parents work ethic and their approach to work.  Consider how this has impacted how you approach your work. What patterns are you repeating? Are they positive or negative?

When you learn to remove unwanted patterns you strip back the layers to find your authentic self.

Otherwise, you may find yourself on autopilot repeating the same pattern that doesn’t serve you very well

Do you have an old pattern that is holding you and your business back?

Andrew’s Blog: You Cannot Sprint a Marathon

Many business leaders are sprinting from one thing to the next, searching for something that isn’t there. They jump from one thing to another desperately seeking answers.

I wasted a lot of time trying to enhance my self-image and brand. I would blindly sprint around corners hoping I would find what I was looking for. But it was never there.

I didn’t have a strategy or understand what I needed to grow my business. It was like I was sprinting a marathon every day, which led me to overwhelm and near burnout.

Set your pace this week without leaving yourself breathless, emotional or fearful.

Tap into a mindful state and become more aware of what is driving your actions.

Otherwise, you’ll be running on the addictive fuel of compulsion and miss the opportunities that are right in front of you.

How do you stay mindful of the chaos?

Andrew’s Blog: Get Your Youth Back

A workaholic mentality is often born out of some sort of trauma or dysfunctional environment that we have grown up in. Which can make us take a more serious approach to life and work.

My father died 2 months before my 17th birthday, I immediately felt like I had to grow up and be more responsible.

It was like a spell had been cast upon me but in reality, the mindset robbed me of my youth.

I have had to learn not to take myself too seriously.

Is a grown-up mindset holding you back?

Take time out today to play and be youthful. Trade-in some grown-up behaviour for some ‘playtime’

When you enjoy the freedom to express yourself fully in your most authentic way life opens up new opportunities.

Taking your work too seriously will lead to anxiety and burnout, and hold you back from living life fully on your terms.

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Andrew’s Blog: Perfectionism is a Disease

Many hyper-achievers are perfectionists, not only do they hold themselves accountable to incredibly high standards but there is also an expectation that is passed onto others.

This will create pressure and toxic team culture.

I have learnt that the concept of perfectionism is a myth, and had to learn to keep this in mind as I lead my team and manage my expectations as I work through the day.

Be a facilitator rather than a supervisor. Be tolerant of mistakes and when people fall short.

When we are flexible with ourselves and others we achieve maximum performance.

To be anything else being a perfect workaholic.

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Andrew’s Blog: Set Realistic Targets

Setting impossible goals will leave us feeling frustrated, disappointed and unworthy.

Even though the memes tell us to reach for the moon and be amongst the stars (or whatever the quote is), we are still left feeling like we failed when we don’t achieve the targets.

I am all for pushing the limits and being a little deluded about our potential, but there is a difference between a big vision, which we may never reach versus setting targets that stretch us, and with the right tactics and roadmap will become a reality.

Create a vision for yourself that is scary, big and ongoing, and also set 90-day targets with 60 and 30-day benchmarks. These targets should stretch you but won’t result in a complete failure.

Achieving 90-day targets that are outside your comfort zone is hugely rewarding.

Consistently pushing yourself to achieve too much or give too much will eventually result in overwhelm and burnout.


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Andrew’s Blog: You Are Not Your Work

Many high-achievers define themselves and others by what they do and how good they are at doing it.

I noticed this, especially in sports. High-achievers naturally gravitate towards and make friends with other high-achievers. Of course, it is important to surround ourselves with people who raise our game.

But what happens when the game ends? When the career is over?

What then?

I see this in many athletes – as their identity is what they do – not who they are. Then they feel lost when their career ends.

I have always wanted to play at the top of my game in sports and business, but I have had to go deeper to truly understand who I am.

Try not to define yourself to others by your work. Instead focus on a deeper, more meaningful type of disclosure.

This is where real meaningful relationships exist.

You are not your work, you are much more.


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Andrew’s Blog: Make The Right Sacrifices

Business leaders who do too much are self-sabotaging.

We abuse ourselves with our workaholic mentality, which is particularly destructive to those we care about and love.

However, when scaling and growing a business we have to make a sacrifice somewhere otherwise we’ll never build the business we want.

We must identify the difference between conscious and unconscious sacrifice. It is very easy to make unconscious sacrifices – such as neglecting our partners, truly listening to our children, missing important events.

Conscious sacrifice is different. You step back and make changes that put you into pain rather than others but bring long term pleasure so you can lead and grow your business.

This may include:

  • Stop staying up late watching TV
  • Stop eating unhealthy food
  • Stop pressing the snooze button
  • Take a cold shower
  • Meditate for 10 minutes
  • Move your body and sweat every day
  • Take a tactical break from alcohol

We have a proven in The 4 Keys mastermind how much more productive, happier and confident we become when we make positive conscious sacrifices.

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Ready to go all-in?

Andrew’s Blog: Hold the Mirror Up

Business leaders who do too much rarely hold the mirror up to themselves (metaphorically) for self-reflection, there may be too much confrontation! The idea of taking time out may reflect things back that we don’t want to see.

It’s a reality we’d rather ignore.

It took me a long time to go deeper and notice my weaknesses and what was holding me back at an unconscious level.

Don’t avoid the pain, lean into it. Find purpose in your pain and weaknesses and you will access real strength and power.

When you tap into this you learn how to scale your business without burning out and truly level up your leadership.

Ignoring the wounds will lead you to fall short of your full potential.

How do you take time out for personal reflection?