Andrew’s Blog: You’re Not Going To Live Forever

Business leaders are thinking about the future, hoping they will find time for pleasure when their work is done or reflecting on past opportunities they missed.

It is rare to be living and working in the present.

Whilst it’s important to have a vision for the future with 90-day targets, these can only be achieved when we win the days or even the minutes.

“If you take care of the minutes, the years will take care of themselves.”

Tibetan proverb

Aim to operate in the here and now rather than the past or the future. Be mindful of the moment and try not to obsess about what is next.

You are not going to live forever – a fact that many ambitious leaders ignore.

No one wishes they worked harder on their deathbed.

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Andrew’s Blog: Stop Playing The Victim

Stop Playing The Victim

Do you say things like:

“No one cares”

“I’m doing this for them”

“Can’t they see how hard I’m working?”

A victim mentality is one of the biggest reasons business owners push so hard and overextend themselves, constantly striving for external recognition.

And they wonder why they feel overwhelmed and out of balance.

Low self-esteem will prevent you from taking time out for yourself and seeing yourself as worthy.

Self-worth is a leadership skill in itself. You have to Do The Work – the mental work.

Otherwise, you will continue to cover up a lack of self-worth with more and more work and ultimately lead to burnout.

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Andrew’s Blog: Stop Being a Martyr

Many business owners act like martyrs. They know they are doing too much, it is intentional, but they blame others because they say “can’t you see I am doing this for you?”

My life was totally out of balance. I believed I was doing it all for my family, and I was unhappy because I didn’t understand why they couldn’t see how hard I was working for them.

In reality, I was doing it for me, I was doing a multitude of unnecessary tasks that were overwhelming me – I was being a martyr.

Be less interested in becoming a martyr to impress people and ask yourself why you are being a martyr in the first place. What is the motivation to behave in this way? Where is it coming from?

A genuine purpose is to serve others without being resentful or demanding.

Being a martyr will drive you to do things that don’t suit you and ultimately lead to anger, stress and burnout.

Andrew’s Blog: Too Many Choices

Have you ever spent 30-60 minutes selecting something to watch on Netflix? Or felt overwhelmed by too many choices on a food menu?

It’s difficult to make a decision when there are so many choices everything looks good.

This is what a day can be like for business owners and entrepreneurs. You are confronted by so many opportunities and exciting things to do. You want to achieve all of them but find you rarely do any of them.

Try to avoid overindulging and prioritise your opportunities today. Tackle the important ones, and do the same thing tomorrow and the day after.

What three things must you get done to move your business forward today?

The focus will get you to your vision faster.

We put a lot of pressure on our mental well being when we have 4, 6 or 12 things to do.

What’s your number one tip for focusing daily?

Andrew’s Blog: Break Old Patterns

Whether it’s work patterns or some other type of behaviour, we unknowingly act out the same patterns our parents did.

We say to ourselves that we will be different and we make a commitment to doing the opposite, yet unconsciously we mimic the same old patterns.

It is easy to fall into the trap of denial for many years until we realise the patterns we play out are not serving us and are holding us back.

We must question the patterns we have inherited from the environment we grew up in – even if they were well-intentioned.

Consider challenging whether you are following in the same footsteps. Reconnect with your own vision and purpose and ask yourself if these patterns are working for you.

It is liberating to break free of old patterns and become the person you are supposed to be.

If you don’t question what is appropriate and aligned with your goals you may continue the same destructive behaviour.

Ready to embrace change?

Andrew’s Blog: This is Killing You

It’s a badge of honour for many business leaders to demonstrate their ability to burn the candle at both ends.

They are considered legends and it becomes a personal brand.

But what are the consequences?

“Did you hear about Dave? He died of a sudden heart attack”

“Well, he lived life to the full right?”

“Yeah, but he was only 48!”

I’ve seen this too many times over the years, and not just heart attacks, but also depression and a downward spiral of mental health by living life in extreme.

Know your limitations and how much you can afford to give. Learn how to balance your energy across your business, body, relationships and mindset.

Waking up every morning feeling energised, happy and ready to go at it, is the biggest reward in life.

Proving you can work hard and play hard as a badge of honour will catch up with you in the end.

Choose a happy, healthy and productive life.

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Andrew’s Blog: Don’t Be a Robot!

Automation is the goal. It free’s up our time. But what about when we, as humans, become automated?

Automatically responding to the needs of others as if we are their robots.

Instead of asking, “are robots becoming more human?” we need to ask “are humans becoming more robotic?

Don’t put yourself on the assembly line, you are not a robot. Focus on doing things that serve you and your loved ones and don’t get lost in someone else’s agenda.

When we are caring for ourselves and not slaves to our businesses, we become more mindful and empathetic. It’s what makes us human. Furthermore, it creates opportunities that may have passed us by.

When we allow others to have power over us we lose a part of ourselves we may never get back.

Stay human.

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Andrew’s Blog: Perfect Work vs Perfect Life

Are you striving to do perfect work or have a perfect life?

Have we been lead to believe that you can only have one or the other?

You’re either a dedicated ‘work hard person’ or a ‘live life to the full and in balance person’. And if you are the latter you are considered a lazy dreamer who wants to avoid a hard days work.

Why does it have to be one or the other?

It has a lot to do with the industrial revolution. The invention of the 9-5 worked. You would join a company, worked hard for 30-40 years and then enjoy retirement.

We have lost faith in this system because it is no longer working. It has been this way for a while, but Covid 19 confirmed it for us.

Furthermore, there is no historical evidence of such a system where you had to chose one or the other.

Create a life that includes both, focusing on your physical and mental health, and your relationships.

Life is hard – but you can choose both and enjoy a life of balance.

Of course, you can go all-in on your business and put everything else on hold, but what price will you pay in the end?

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Andrew’s Blog: Master Your Self-doubt

Workaholics who overextend themselves cover up a multitude of doubts, concerns and fears.

It’s much easier to race ahead and ignore the small cracks. But the cracks grow fast and are out of sight.

Being busy means we can forget what is really taking place, not just at work but also at home.

Our memory of what is hurting us becomes as short as our attention spans, and we get blindsided.

I have learned to ask bigger questions exploring the cracks in my professional and personal life. I have become less dogmatic and far more open to ideas.

Be mindful of being open to your doubts today and going forward. Explore your doubts and concerns.

When you become more measured in your thoughts and actives you’ll see more opportunities to grow.

Staying busy to hide the fear will lead to frustration, sadness, and many problems and will hurt you in the long run.

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Andrew’s Blog: Emotionally Unavailable

Working at pace and keeping ourselves busy enables us to ignore feelings and the feelings of others.

Stand up straight, have a stiff upper lip and you’ll get through it, is the mantra.

That may work short-term – but who will you become on the other side?

I have spent most of my life emotionally unavailable. Any sign of emotion and I could push a button and desensitise myself from emotional experiences.

I believed it was my superpower.

But, in reality, emotions were my Kryptonite and holding them inside was making me weak.

Give in to your feelings, don’t deny them, let yourself feel them, it’s the only way to let go.

When we open up and allow ourselves to be vulnerable we learn to show real mental strength.

Keeping emotions trapped inside will show up eventually putting your body at dis-ease.

I didn’t cry at my fathers funeral because I wanted to be strong for my dad and my sisters, that’s what men do right?