Andrew’s Blog: Is It Worth It?

I have some very wealthy clients.

If I tried to keep up with their level of spending, I would go bankrupt tomorrow.

In my twenties I aspired to have all the materialistic things, I imagined having a big house, with classic cars and a yacht in San Tropez.

Whilst my clients would never force their wealth on me, I still find myself fighting the urge not to force their wealth on me.

It is very easy to get caught up in the desire for wanting more – but in many cases, my clients would give it all up for a more simple life.

I am happier when I keep my life simple with three simple ingredients:

  • Water
  • Healthy food
  • A good nights sleep

Then my business, body, relationships and mindset thrive.

Or we can make our lives complex and stressful by stretching our capacity too far. Is it worth it?

Share your tips in the comments on how you keep your life simple.

Andrew’s Blog: Listen More Than You Talk

The most interesting people I know listen more than they talk.

But many business leaders aren’t humble enough to give others the stage, they believe that what they have to say is incredibly fascinating to everybody.

Most of us are poor listeners.

Try listening more than you talk. Practice the art of ‘Ask, Don’t Tell’.

By listening more as a leader you’ll become more interesting to others.

Or you will continue to steal the oxygen from the room and prevent your team from truly thriving.




Andrew’s Blog: Ready for a Street Fight

I was ready for a street fight for all the wrong reasons.

There are real enemies, and there are ones we create in our minds. When we see everyone as a potential threat, we are poised to fight, grind our teeth, fists are clenched, and have zero patience.

In this state, we are less intelligent, make poor decisions, and our minds are clouded. Furthermore, it is not good for our physical and mental health.

It’s not that we want to be violent, but something is happening at an unconscious level that feels threatening.

Take time to investigate the threat. Is it real or imagined? Meditate on it.

In The 4 Keys Mastermind members are ready for a street fight. It’s a metaphor for being present and always ready – but not in a threat state, a ‘challenge state.’

There is a difference.


Andrew’s Blog: Time Equals Money

I flipped out when my wife suggested we needed a holiday.

I said “How can you think we need a holiday after the year we’ve had, look at what is going on in the world” my rant continued “Are you deluded??”

It’s fair to say my wife was upset at my emotional reaction and after reflecting on how I responded, I thought, “blimey we need a holiday”.

But could we afford the time away? What about our clients and new business development?

‘Be productive’ is the mantra for busy executives. It probably has something to do with the industrial revolution.

There was a time when I would feel guilty if I wasn’t being productive. Procrastination was a swear word.

I have returned from a two-week vacation with my family – I wasn’t productive at work, but I was more present than ever in my relationships, and I still allowed my mind to drift and get creative about work.

Time spent on nurturing relationships and being mindful generates the biggest ROI on our time.

What personal and business relationships do you need to nurture this week, or is it time to take a vacation and allow your mind to wander?

P.s It was my first alcohol-free vacation in 30 years – and more fun. Looking to take a break from alcohol? Message me for tips.

Andrew’s Blog: Start Listening

The majority of our compulsive behaviours are unconscious. But the people who love us don’t see that.

They try to match our activity at first, then they abandon that strategy and slow their pace in the hope we will match them.

That’s when the problems and the conversations start, but we don’t hear them, we are not present because we are oblivious to it all.

We have become so focused on the business goal that life outside the office has become irrelevant.

Take a step back to listen and recognise that these people in your life want the best for you and be more present.

It will pay greater dividends in the long run.