I am a husband, father of three, former international athlete and coach, business psychologist, author of two books and the founder of The 4 Keys Method.

When I was 16 my father died of a sudden heart attack just age 48, two years after the 1991 recession. I have experienced first hand how a lack of confidence can cause a rapid decline in physical and mental health, personal relationships and business results.

I believe many of the business challenges men face today could be resolved if they dedicate themselves to improving their health, relationships and mindset.

It has now become my life’s mission to help business owners and executives across the planet become more confident in their business, body and relationships.

Through decades of self-exploration and drawing on my work with C-suite clients, and my own hard learned lessons, I created a unique system that has helped 1000’s of people around the world restore their confidence, achieve professional and personal goals, become more focused and stronger…and much more.

My podcast, Scale Without Burnout launched in 2019 and thousands of men have successfully completed The 4 Keys online course.

Tackling the keys head-on will yield dramatic results.

Commit yourself – and rebuild your life Today