Andrew Sillitoe

In a rapidly changing world, we often find ourselves surrounded by uncertainty, making it challenging to see the path ahead. Andrew Sillitoe offers scientifically-backed insights that empower individuals to ‘manage the mist’ with confidence.

With compelling stories of overcoming the impossible, original frameworks, and an innovative roadmap to flow and peak performance, he provides a clear pathway to reduce stress, boost productivity, attain superior results, and enhance overall well-being.

Discover how Andrew’s work can guide you through the complexities of modern life, allowing you to thrive amidst uncertainty and achieve your highest potential.

Andrew will show you how to: 

  • Unlock a 500% boost in productivity by accessing the flow state.
  • Master the art of effortlessly dialling up your flow state whenever needed.
  • Discover the perfect neurochemical blend for consistent flow and peak performance.
  • Harness the power of aligning passion, purpose, and planning to achieve extraordinary results.
  • Seamlessly integrate flow into your personal and professional life for enhanced well-being.


Andrew Sillitoe is a renowned bestselling author, former professional athlete, Team GB head coach, and Founder of the Flow Mastery Project. He is internationally recognised as a leading expert in flow and peak performance.

As the author of three influential books, including ‘Managing The Mist,’ ‘The 4 Keys,’ and ‘Player-Coach,’ Andrew has consistently pushed the boundaries of personal and professional development.

He made history by guiding Team Great Britain Inline-Hockey to Pool A as head coach, becoming the first British player to compete professionally in North American In-line Hockey.

With a diverse clientele ranging from Fortune 100 companies to elite athletes and A-list celebrities, Andrew Sillitoe has shared his transformative insights and strategies worldwide.


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