Busy business leaders are often too focused on performance results to stop and think creatively.

I believed I knew the answer to most problems without the need to think it through thoroughly and slow down to be more creative.

I wasn’t patient enough. And if someone tried to slow me down to think creatively I would find it irritating and avoid these types of conversations.

As a result, I would keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. What we know Einstein said was a sign of insanity!

I have learnt how to slow my thinking down, I take more time to listen to others and understand their perspective rather than only focusing on the end result.

Here are 4 steps you can use by yourself and with your team, so you take the best possible action to achieve results.

  1. What’s your single biggest challenge?
  2. What is your desired outcome (and by when)?
  3. Create options and ideas (brainstorm, get creative, listen)
  4. Choose the best option and identify a specific, measurable and timeframe for your target.

The aim is to avoid jumping to step 4 immediately. Slow down.

When we learn to truly listen and become more patient with ourselves and others we improve our well-being and dignity.

Otherwise, we limit our courage and the ability to fully explore, create and improve our performance.

Do you find it hard to slow your thinking down?