Business owners who do too much find it hard to be still, we try to relax in front of the TV and before we know it, a thought goes in our heads and we are multitasking with the laptop or pacing the living room on the phone, passively watching the movie.

We have been taught that doing nothing is lazy.

I have to force myself to switch off, otherwise, my restless mind will have me up and about doing things that can easily wait. I’m the guy clearing the table whilst people are still eating.

Being still is not lazy, let’s take time this week to be introspective and reflect on our business, health, relationship and mindset goals.

If being still is lazy then it is a skill we should harness because it strengthens our mindset and will improve performance in the long run.

Otherwise, we are like athletes playing the game at 100%, 100% of the time – and that is not sustainable.

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