How much is enough?

It is difficult to define when you’re never satisfied with what you have – especially as a Hyper-achiever.

Like a professional athlete we are measured by our last game. But the Hyper-achiever is always looking at the next big thing.

I have spent way too long trying to prove to others that I am worthy – even though I had credibility, my inner voice said it wasn’t enough – it was like I was winning a race and still continuing to sprint when it was over.

We have to learn to appreciate when we have done enough. We have to learn how to believe the internal measure is far more important than the external approval.

The 4 Keys teaches us that a little success in your business, body, relationships and mindset can go a long way – we need to allow ourselves to feel great about each small success and not just chasing the big vision.

Otherwise if we keep driving ourselves forward we may never return from the addiction of success.

Enjoy the small gifts on this Sunday.