Ambitious business owners often beat themselves up, they are self-critical and focus on the times when they didn’t perform well. High performing athletes are the same.

I spent way too much time focusing on negativity – early on in my leadership career I focused on negative performance in others trying to fix them – of course, it was with the best intentions. But I often wonder if it was because of my own insecurities.

Let’s make sure that we elevate ourselves and others and see each other in the best light possible. We must try to avoid being back seat drivers in our minds or when observing others, even when we find ourselves shouting at our favourite football player on the screen.

Be your own personal cheerleader and go all-in on being a cheerleader for others by seeing the success first.

There is always a place for critical analysis – but we need to be mindful of the longterm effects of negative criticism

How will review your week positively today?