How can the business possibly operate without me?

It turns out that it can do very well without me, even better in most cases. I know it because I have experienced it.

And I expect you have too?

Yet, just yesterday I said to my family that I can’t travel back to the UK this year when things open up – I heard myself say “I have too much on after such a tough year”

But, how many weeks pass without a real break, how many hours did we spend in the hotel bedroom dealing with emergencies, whilst the kids play in the pool?

As hyper-achievers, we have to examine our feelings in these moments of relapse and remind ourselves that the business won’t fall apart because we are not there.

When we take a longterm view of work and our physical and mental health, we avoid overwhelm and far more likely to scale our businesses.

Otherwise believing work is too important in the short term will lead to exhaustion and a mental breakdown…but you already knew that.

What’s your best tip for taking a mental break?