Many business owners start their own businesses because they are sick of working for people who don’t care about humanity, families and who take advantage of their power.

These companies take advantage of consciousness workaholics – they are a breeding ground for addicts who get lost in serving power and gaining power thus neglecting their life outside the office as if it is nothing more than a distraction from the goal.

It’s a trap.

Unfortunately, many business owners create the same trap for themselves in their own businesses.

It is easily done at an unconscious level.

Ensure you incorporate your personal life into your work, see yourself in a holistic way by having a clear purpose in your health, relationships and mindset, as well as your business.

Make your workplace human – the rewards are much greater.

Don’t create a business that becomes a hotbed for institutionalised workaholics and burned out hyper-achievers. There will be a price to pay.

How do you step back and consciously acknowledge life outside of your work?