Business owners who do too much – often neglect their friendships. These are the friendships they have been built over years.

We are not whole without these friendships and the level of trust that comes with them. It is much easier these days to stay in touch with friends via platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram with the occasional message and banter – My friends know I’m there, I’m contactable – it’s enough for my friends to know I’m available.

Or is it??

I am 45 this year and noticing several friends have got sick, I have lost several friends during the last ten years.

Our friendships take years to nurture through the stories we share together, but they can be gone overnight.

Let’s make sure we continue to build trust with our friends – Call three friends or family members this week and have a real conversation.

The type of conversation where you don’t need to be anywhere else for 30-60 minutes. Otherwise, our over-commitment to work will be full of regret and lost time we can not reverse.

Who will you call this week?