Business owners and founders who obsess about their work often lose sight of their purpose. It’s easily done, I still have to catch myself today when I’m feeling under pressure.

It wasn’t until I prepared for my TEDx talk in 2015 that I connected the dots with my father suddenly dying of a heart attack at age 48 that I truly understood my purpose.

And still, it wasn’t 100%  – because of the single-minded obsession with helping others caught up with me and I realised I had neglected my own health and personal relationships.

Let’s make sure we focus on our purpose and not get lost in the chaos of work to ensure we don’t become distracted and make poor choices.

When we live our purpose every day we thrive, feel inspired and work at our potential.

Not aligning with our purpose in both our professional and personal lives can lead to a lack of motivation, overwhelm and potentially burnout.

Let me know your purpose.