Working at pace and keeping ourselves busy enables us to ignore feelings and the feelings of others.

Stand up straight, have a stiff upper lip and you’ll get through it, is the mantra.

That may work short-term – but who will you become on the other side?

I have spent most of my life emotionally unavailable. Any sign of emotion and I could push a button and desensitise myself from emotional experiences.

I believed it was my superpower.

But, in reality, emotions were my Kryptonite and holding them inside was making me weak.

Give in to your feelings, don’t deny them, let yourself feel them, it’s the only way to let go.

When we open up and allow ourselves to be vulnerable we learn to show real mental strength.

Keeping emotions trapped inside will show up eventually putting your body at dis-ease.

I didn’t cry at my fathers funeral because I wanted to be strong for my dad and my sisters, that’s what men do right?