Business owners who do too much find it difficult to moderate themselves. We pick up the pace and work frantically to cover up any lack of decision making or the ability to focus on real problems.

As a leader, I would just run faster if I’d lost my way. I believed my pace would be a sign to others that I knew what I was doing and where we were heading as a team. But in reality, I was masking my own uncertainty.

As business owners, we need to learn that the failure to know exactly what the next steps are, is part of the process and the journey towards the bigger goal.

When we accept that we don’t have the answers and show vulnerability we become more human, furthermore, it will protect our health and the health of others.

Otherwise, if we don’t focus on the task at hand and focus on problems at the moment we will fall short of achieving the ultimate goal.

Do you need to slow down??

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