We often reward status more than the outcome. We look to those in high end jobs such as doctors, scientists and Nobel Prize winners – but what about the simple work of a plumber?

My ego often pushes me to want more, be more, and I believe it’s important to strive for more.  We should aim to be better than we were yesterday. I believe in that.

But sometimes I would like go back to the beginning of my career and be a plumber. It’s good wholesome work.

In many areas of the world a plumber will save more lives than a doctor by providing access to clean water, disease control and better water conservation.

A barista who makes an exceptional cup of coffee could change the direction of your day!

Do good work and remind yourself of the effect you have on the world – and it will be reciprocated, in some way, I promise.

If you can’t change your mindset around the work you do, then change the work you do.

Is your work purposeful?

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