We think if we train hard – we’ll feel happier, stronger and reduce stress. But the chemicals are short lived.

There was a time when I couldn’t go to the gym without punishing myself – I was all in – everything was to failure, but I’d leave everything in the gym and have nothing left for my work and family.

It’s hard for competitive executives to focus on rest – especially if we are not getting our competitive fix elsewhere.

It is dangerous to live for the gym – to push ourselves as hard as we can in the Crossfit box, or run huge miles everyday.

It is important to distinguish between what is healthy and what is an addiction.

Do your squats, pushups, planks and pull-ups – but be sure that your vanity and goal orientated mindset is not another form of indulgence.

Make time for guilt free rest – take an afternoon nap, have a stroll, sleep in once in a while.

When we prioritise rest, the training works and you get stronger, leaner and feel energised

If you prioritise your training over rest, then your work, mindset and wellness will suffer in the long run.