Many business owners are unaware of the conflict they have with work and the underlying stress it creates.

We often talk about learning to say no to others requests, but what about the demands in our own heads?

How many times have we said no to the telephone, or turning on the laptop when spending time with our families or friends, then find ourselves having a quick peek to check on things?

Before we know it, we are lost in a conversation with a client that could have waited two days or even a week.

Let’s make sure we are in control of our free time and how we experience it.

When we set boundaries with ourselves and say “I am not available today or this week” we learn to find harmony in our professional and personal lives.

Otherwise, we are allowing other people to own our diaries and steal precious time, eventually leading to increased overwhelm and potentially burnout.

Enjoy the Easter holidays – let’s make a commitment to taking a real break.

How do you set boundaries?