Business leaders who do too much are self-sabotaging.

We abuse ourselves with our workaholic mentality, which is particularly destructive to those we care about and love.

However, when scaling and growing a business we have to make a sacrifice somewhere otherwise we’ll never build the business we want.

We must identify the difference between conscious and unconscious sacrifice. It is very easy to make unconscious sacrifices – such as neglecting our partners, truly listening to our children, missing important events.

Conscious sacrifice is different. You step back and make changes that put you into pain rather than others but bring long term pleasure so you can lead and grow your business.

This may include:

  • Stop staying up late watching TV
  • Stop eating unhealthy food
  • Stop pressing the snooze button
  • Take a cold shower
  • Meditate for 10 minutes
  • Move your body and sweat every day
  • Take a tactical break from alcohol

We have a proven in The 4 Keys mastermind how much more productive, happier and confident we become when we make positive conscious sacrifices.

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