Workaholics who overextend themselves cover up a multitude of doubts, concerns and fears.

It’s much easier to race ahead and ignore the small cracks. But the cracks grow fast and are out of sight.

Being busy means we can forget what is really taking place, not just at work but also at home.

Our memory of what is hurting us becomes as short as our attention spans, and we get blindsided.

I have learned to ask bigger questions exploring the cracks in my professional and personal life. I have become less dogmatic and far more open to ideas.

Be mindful of being open to your doubts today and going forward. Explore your doubts and concerns.

When you become more measured in your thoughts and actives you’ll see more opportunities to grow.

Staying busy to hide the fear will lead to frustration, sadness, and many problems and will hurt you in the long run.

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