Too much organisation can kill spontaneity, free thought and dreams.

The desire for categorising, organising and refining can stifle our creativity and prevent us from achieving our full potential.

Of course, we need to bring structure to the chaos, but not at the cost of innovation.

I loved to put things in boxes and keep things in order, to the point where it would create more overwhelm, in me and others.

Let’s make sure we are creating time to be free in our thoughts and actions.

We must also be mindful when someone expresses their ideas and thoughts to us, and not put them in a box so they conform to our own desire for order.

When we open our minds up to the freedom of ideas we increase our ability to confront emotions that we may be avoiding.

When we are gripped by order and avoid the freedom to think, it could be linked to a deeper emotional issue, which restricts us from reaching our full potential.

Do you need to let go and enjoy thriving in chaos for a while?