Growing up in the 80s was great in so many ways – mainly do to the level of ignorance.

Greed was good and there didn’t appear to be any consequences. It was all about financial growth.

My dad made good money, he was a fan of the latest tech and nice things – he wasn’t a showoff, he just loved nice things – video players, cameras, classic cars.

He was generous and bought me what I needed without hesitation.

Sadly I only have a few memories of playing sports with him, despite his love for sports – apart from one day when he stepped in to play for our village football team.

It wasn’t long before he passed away (age 48), a memory that will stay with me forever – I wish he’d taken better care of his health so we could have enjoyed more precious moments together.

Let’s reflect on the memories we create for those we care about. Consider your legacy.

Find joy in the connection with those who need your attention.

Next time you’re on your laptop, a phone call or scrolling through social media, and people you care about want your attention, consider your legacy and the memories you are creating.

Pay attention – your leadership is needed outside of work too.