Hyper-achievers need to be the fastest, craziest, most talented. The ultimate winner. I’ve no doubt it starts at a young age.

The novice skier can’t just ski down a mountain, they have to take the hardest and fastest route.

They drink more than anyone else at the party.

They are the first one in and the last one out at work – it’s a badge of honour and they believe this mindset is the road to success and fame.

But paradoxically it is when they are at their weakest, pushing themselves to every limit in their lives.

You probably know this person, or maybe it was you?

Avoid pushing yourself beyond your capabilities in everything you do.

Success will be found in the simple things that give you clarity and empower you to play to your strengths.

You do not want to end up in the Burnout Hall of Fame – it’s not a reward you want to be proud of.

Do you agree?