Setting impossible goals will leave us feeling frustrated, disappointed and unworthy.

Even though the memes tell us to reach for the moon and be amongst the stars (or whatever the quote is), we are still left feeling like we failed when we don’t achieve the targets.

I am all for pushing the limits and being a little deluded about our potential, but there is a difference between a big vision, which we may never reach versus setting targets that stretch us, and with the right tactics and roadmap will become a reality.

Create a vision for yourself that is scary, big and ongoing, and also set 90-day targets with 60 and 30-day benchmarks. These targets should stretch you but won’t result in a complete failure.

Achieving 90-day targets that are outside your comfort zone is hugely rewarding.

Consistently pushing yourself to achieve too much or give too much will eventually result in overwhelm and burnout.


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