You look at the clock and realise you’re 10 minutes late for your next Zoom meeting.

You try and wrap it up with your prospect, take a breath and click the link for the next call.

You get through it.

The day is over and you think back, did I move my body and exercise? Did I have lunch with my family? Take a walk? Did I close any deals?

Was I any good?

I have learnt the hard way, that the more time I take to be still, think, breathe, reflect, the better my next coaching call or business development call is.

When we put as much effort into our down time as we do our meetings and tasks, we realise that more quality is produced.

To do great work we must build in time to plan, to be still and reflect.

Otherwise we lose our sharpness, thinking skills and the ability to share better work.

How do you slow down to speed up?