Many business owners act like martyrs. They know they are doing too much, it is intentional, but they blame others because they say “can’t you see I am doing this for you?”

My life was totally out of balance. I believed I was doing it all for my family, and I was unhappy because I didn’t understand why they couldn’t see how hard I was working for them.

In reality, I was doing it for me, I was doing a multitude of unnecessary tasks that were overwhelming me – I was being a martyr.

Be less interested in becoming a martyr to impress people and ask yourself why you are being a martyr in the first place. What is the motivation to behave in this way? Where is it coming from?

A genuine purpose is to serve others without being resentful or demanding.

Being a martyr will drive you to do things that don’t suit you and ultimately lead to anger, stress and burnout.