The fear of failure is one of the biggest barriers to reaching our full potential.

I have experienced this first hand as an athlete and as head coach of Team GB.

I remember my first game as head coach against Australia. The team was very nervous. The previous year Australia had beaten us in the quarter finals.

I had no doubt we would win. We were so well prepared.

So I asked the team to fail as hard as they could. I told the team they could fail 25% of the time and still win the game.

I knew we would make mistakes a maximum of 10%. But I wanted us to play with intent, zero fear of criticism, rejection or failure.

Now I live my life this way and it has opened up so many opportunities.

Learn how to embrace failure and fail hard. If you free yourself of of the fear of failure and rejection, you will learn how much more you are capable of.

Unleash yourself and commit to your goals.

Or stay in your comfort zone and never reach your full potential.