Many business owners have never asked themselves what they truly love to do. I don’t mean going for a bike ride or watching the match with mates. I mean going deeper into reconnecting with their passion and purpose.

Business can make us too serious and we lose the playfulness in our work and how we lead. This has happened to me several times in business and as an athlete.

Occasionally, I go back to the freedom I felt playing street hockey in the car-parks or playing a Beastie Boys album for the first time.

Let’s take time to reflect on what brought us joy in our youth or what makes us truly happy, and reconnect with that feeling in our work.

When we tap into a playful, free and vibrant state we attract success, wealth and health into our lives.

When we get too serious we become unapproachable, cold and disconnected.

How do you incorporate play into your life on a daily basis?

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