Are you taking actions that result in the quality of life you want?

We are all searching for a better quality of life, it’s hard-wired in us.

But, often we take action that drives us in the opposite direction, leading to overwhelm and burnout.

As hyper-achievers we want to measure everything, how many can I have? How long will it take? How fast can I do it?

But what is the true measure for a quality life?

What about the way we feel in our bodies? Or the number of peaceful moments we have to ourselves? And the number of times we make our partners laugh?

Let’s take a step back this week and set quality life goals.

When we focus on measures beyond the business metrics and focus on our health, relationships and mindset, the rewards are much greater.

Otherwise, if our business is the only measure of success, we will find ourselves measuring how many times we see the doctor, the number of toxic relationships and how inconsistent we feel truly happy.

What is your measure for a quality life?