I flipped out when my wife suggested we needed a holiday.

I said “How can you think we need a holiday after the year we’ve had, look at what is going on in the world” my rant continued “Are you deluded??”

It’s fair to say my wife was upset at my emotional reaction and after reflecting on how I responded, I thought, “blimey we need a holiday”.

But could we afford the time away? What about our clients and new business development?

‘Be productive’ is the mantra for busy executives. It probably has something to do with the industrial revolution.

There was a time when I would feel guilty if I wasn’t being productive. Procrastination was a swear word.

I have returned from a two-week vacation with my family – I wasn’t productive at work, but I was more present than ever in my relationships, and I still allowed my mind to drift and get creative about work.

Time spent on nurturing relationships and being mindful generates the biggest ROI on our time.

What personal and business relationships do you need to nurture this week, or is it time to take a vacation and allow your mind to wander?

P.s It was my first alcohol-free vacation in 30 years – and more fun. Looking to take a break from alcohol? Message me for tips.