I think most busy executives are greedy – after all it is one of the seven sins and marketing companies know this – they sell to our weaknesses.

Our appetites are big and we not only fill our plates but also our diaries.

It becomes overwhelming mixing all the things we would love to have in our lives – business tasks, exercise, family time – reading, meditation, ski trips with the boys, Sunday morning bike rides – we want it all – we believe we need it all – but at what consequence?

Take something off your to do list or maybe 10. Find something today that you have already started and get it finished – simplify your life – make it stream lined. If you were a brain surgeon with 10 patients or 2 per day how you perform differently?

Seeing something through with quality is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things we can do – especially when we have the headspace to do it properly.

Otherwise we dilute ourselves and we are never fully present with those who truly matter.