Many hyper-achievers will never know the true purpose of their work.

Hyper-achievers move from one role to the next, wanting to level up their careers, always focused on the next promotion or goal – but often forget to level up on their purpose and ask.

“Why am I doing this?”

“Who else benefits?”

Ignoring these questions can cause problems in our personal lives and stuff outside the office starts to fall apart – our health, relationships and mental well-being.

It is insidious. Hyper-achievers are the last to know the damage in their physical and mental health, and in their close relationships.

I was that guy – always racing ahead, impatient, wanting the next big thing, move up the ladder as fast as possible, win the championship. It is an obsession.

Ambition, drive and grit are great traits, obsession will move you forward, but we have to be mindful of the consequences.

Consider who you are serving in the world. How does your drive benefit your team, clients, family, friends (or get in the way)?

Then partner up your hyper-achiever mindset with your purpose.

Or we will go to our graves never knowing what our true purpose in life is.

We need your leadership