Too much speed at work is a result of addiction and the desire for instant gratification. Working at pace masks our ignorance of what is actually taking place.

We worry that if we slow down our thinking, something may manifest itself, which could slow down progress.

Busy leaders prefer not to allow this to happen – the more unaware we are the quicker the decision can be made.

We make change happen for the sake of change without any real thought.

We may believe this is a good sign of authority!

But we know that this eventually catches up with us and we get found out, not just at work, but in the home too!

Slow down and simplify the workplace you are in. Reflect on your traits, and how you are complicating the work environment.

This will help you see the bigger picture and bring people on the journey with you.

If you keep speeding ahead, people get left behind and you’ll end up by yourself.