Many executives and business owners believe money or the next promotion will set them free. However, it has been proven over and over again that this is a myth.

In reality, both status and money enslave us and make us feel overwhelmed with fear that we will lose it all or not win the race to the top.

Money has enslaved me, not because I was obsessed with making as much as possible, but because it scared me and therefore I would sabotage my own income – If I spent it all no one could take it away from me.

For some people it’s the opposite – they become scrooges, living in fear that they will wake up to an empty vault.

Take a moment today to reflect on how you want to design your life – consider the future ahead and acknowledge that it is not too late to build a life on your terms.

Take a hard look at some of the choices you are making.

Success is measured by how you live life your way.

If we don’t connect with our heart and only make decisions with our heads we will miss out on a multitude of opportunities and increase the chances of burnout.

How will you design your life?