It looks like work so it must be work, domination, speeding around, putting out fires, being a hero. Thats what busy executives do right?

I grew up believing work is noisy, fast, hectic, it is physically and emotionally demanding,

For the most part I was running unconsciously. And if I was wasn’t working frantically I couldn’t call it work

Overtime I have learnt  to still my mind from all the chaos, to be quiet and listen, to stop, I have found an inner harmony, that drowns out the noise of the inner voice.

By doing this we learn to hear a lot more, like what our clients are truly thinking and feeling, our loved ones, and sounds that would often be missed on a daily basis.

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Andrew Sillitoe is a business psychologist, author, and speaker. His innovative approach to leadership and work-life balance has earned him invitations to work with a range of global companies, including Pfizer, Nationwide, Virgin, and the BBC. Today Andrew runs the UK’s number-one training company for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to succeed in business, health, relationships, and mindset.

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