Our overwhelming desire to measure things could be getting in our way. Especially if we are measuring the wrong things or feel paralysed by the data.

I don’t know if it’s in our genetic coding or if it’s a learnt behaviour to want to measure everything we do?

Whether you’re analytical or more big picture type of guy I expect you like to measure data

But does it help improve performance?

It is easy to get lost in the numbers, it brings a level of certainty and clarity, but does it bring action?

I always admired men who were well measured and in control. I often based my leadership style on these types of traits.

But behind the control was a lack of spontaneity, intuition and real honest emotion.

It was like I couldn’t access them and I then realised people couldn’t access me – and it was effecting my professional and personal relationships.

When I learnt let go of measuring and staying in control of my emotions, I felt free and as result my leadership, relationships AND mental health improved

When we focus on things that lead to real action we create our own luck.

Instead of hesitating and procrastinating, which will only lead to a feeling of overwhelm.