It’s not natural for busy executives in todays world to let go of our stuff, particularly with all the chaos going on the world.

We often focus so hard on maintaining old patterns, that have served us in the past, but we frustratingly hold onto these patterns, behaviours, habits that served us in our 20’s

It’s like playing style of football that won the championships in 1980 and believing tactics will win in 2020.

Why do we cling on so tightly to the business tasks as if it is the true measure of life’s success – we become so focused on seeing the task through without truly understanding what the result is going to be.

I don’t mean just in our businesses, but in our health, our relationships and mindset?

So today, let’s keep our goals in perspective. Let’s focus on what makes us truly happy and healthy, not just what keeps us busy.

I am confident that we let go of our frustrations at work and focus on body, relationships and mindset, and trust that business will take care of itself, we will thank ourselves in years to come

Or we will pay the price

The choice is ours

What’s the biggest thing you have had to let go of?