The fear or the fear of going crazy, is that is not limited to specific peer  group, it is world wide and one of the biggest problems and frightening things any business owner has to deal with.

I think so many people like me are are exhausted from working so hard on the business, and the velocity of information that is absorbed and how it causes us to  neglect other areas of our lives.

It seems impossible to switch off, even the energy to switch off feels exhausting.

But I know I am not alone, I have built a strong tribe – whilst I have learned to quiet my mind the voice is always there.

But I will take time to consider the other business owners and leaders who are also dealing with their inner voice.

Find your tribe that lifts you up. Inspires you and makes you stronger, this is the key to sanity and managing your fear.

Surround yourself with toxic unhealthy people and life will pass you by.

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Andrew Sillitoe is a business psychologist, author, and speaker. His innovative approach to leadership and work-life balance has earned him invitations to work with a range of global companies, including Pfizer, Nationwide, Virgin, and the BBC. Today Andrew runs the UK’s number-one training company for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to succeed in business, health, relationships, and mindset.

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