I will share when I nearly lost it and got the mist last week.


!The cool, frosty air greeted me as I entered the ice rink.

It was a familiar scene: the gleaming ice reflecting the overhead lights, the distant hum of the Zamboni in the background, and the gentle fog that floated just above the surface, giving the place a surreal, dreamy feel.

The scent of cold metal and freshly shaved ice filled my nostrils, immediately evoking memories of countless games played here.

In reality, it was just another Thursday morning.

But for us, this wasn’t just a typical mid-week game. Oh no, in our minds, this was our very own Stanley Cup showdown.

Forget the NHL pros; this was the big league for every middle-aged guy who had to take a half-day off work or make excuses about a “dentist appointment” to be here.

However, there was a moment that could have changed everything.

Mid-game, the whistle blew, and the referee pointed at our goal. I  nearly lost it and got the mist.

The opposing team cheered as they were awarded the goal. The replay was clear (in my head); the puck was kicked into the goal – violating the rules.

I could feel the rage simmering in my teammates, their disbelief evident in their shouts and gestures.

Admittedly, there was a time when I would’ve lost my s**t, let anger cloud my judgment and impact my gameplay.

But not this time.

I have learnt to recognise the Mist when it descends on my mind, often due to external factors I can’t control.

This Mist affects our clarity, making us react in ways we might regret.

Instead of focusing on what’s going wrong, it’s about honing in on what I can do right.

So, while the rest of my team was outraged, I took a deep breath, and a single thought dominated:

“Let them have the goal, and we’ll focus on scoring two more.” 

It wasn’t about that one flawed decision but the bigger picture.

I decided to clear the Mist and find clarity by letting go.

The outcome?

An intentional laser-focused mindset and a victorious 8-6 win.

Perhaps you’re wondering how this relates to real-life scenarios outside a hockey game.

But the truth is, life is filled with these moments.

A traffic jam making you late, a forgotten deadline, and a spilt cup of coffee are everyday life’s ‘kicked pucks’.

It’s easy to lose our cool, to let the mist cloud our vision, and to become reactive rather than proactive.

So, what do you need to let go of to keep yourself in Flow?


Take The Flow Diagnostic

The key to Flow is letting go of things out of your control and focusing on what you can influence.

Letting go of things beyond my control, focusing on the present, and working clearly, whether on the ice or in life, always leads to better results.

Remember my hockey game next time you find yourself in a clouded situation.

Allow the Mist to clear, and live intentionally.

The scoreboard of life will surprise you.

Until next time, stay in the flow.