“Make Peace with the Game: A CEO’s Journey from Stress to Flow”

In the high-pressure business world, where every decision can make or break your company, the fear of failure and the stress of uncertain outcomes can often feel overwhelming. 

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But what if I told you there’s a powerful way to cope with and thrive in this stress?

As an international hockey player and now public speaker and coach, I’ve experienced the paralysing fear of failure firsthand. 

However, I’ve also discovered a transformative path that can help you move from the struggle of denial to the freedom of flow. 

Welcome to the world of “Make Peace with the Game.”

I understand the weight you carry on your shoulders. 

The sleepless nights, the constant pressure, and the nagging fear of failure are all too familiar. 

Just like you, I’ve been there. 

The relentless pursuit of success can sometimes feel like an endless battle. But I also know that it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Let’s explore a new perspective that can change the game for you.

Imagine a CEO on the brink of burnout, constantly worried about the next big decision and haunted by the fear of what could go wrong. 

This CEO’s mind is a whirlwind of anxiety, affecting not only their professional life but also their personal well-being.

Flip The Switch

Now, picture the same CEO but with a new mindset. They have learned to make peace with the worst-case scenario. Instead of being paralysed by fear, they embrace it as a part of the game. This CEO is relaxed, focused, and thriving under pressure. Their creativity and curiosity have unlocked new opportunities, and they are in a state of flow, making decisions confidently and easily.

The DROP into Flow Model

The “Make Peace with the Game” philosophy is encapsulated in the DROP into Flow model:

1. Denial (Struggle): Acknowledge the fear and stress, don’t deny it. It’s a natural part of the game.

2. Release (Let Go): Release the paralysing grip of fear. Accept the worst-case scenario, and let it go.

3. Options (Curiosity and Creativity): Embrace curiosity and creativity. Explore new possibilities without the weight of fear holding you back.

4. Play (Flow): Finally, enter the state of flow, where decisions come effortlessly, and success follows naturally.

The Samurai’s Lesson:

Consider the samurai warrior who makes peace with death. When they fear it, they stiffen, their reflexes slow, and they suffer the consequences. But when they are at ease with the idea of death, they move with grace, precision, and an almost otherworldly calm. They are in a state of flow, and their chances of success on the battlefield soar.

The journey from fear to flow is not just a strategy.

It’s a profound emotional transformation. It’s about finding peace amid chaos; everything changes when you experience it. The weight on your shoulders becomes a source of strength, and the fear of failure becomes a driving force towards success.

Your Call to Action:

Now, it’s your turn. I invite you to explore the “Make Peace with the Game” philosophy in your own life. 

Embrace the worst-case scenario, release your fears, and discover the power of curiosity, creativity, and flow. 

The game is still challenging, but you’ll play it with a newfound sense of purpose and ease.


CEOs, the game may be challenging, but you have the power to make peace with it. 

As you embark on this transformative journey, remember you’re not alone. 

We’ve been through it and are here to support you every step of the way. 

It’s time to let go of fear, step into the flow, and redefine success on your own terms. 

Are you ready to make peace with the game?


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