Hyper- achievers don’t have a stop button – it doesn’t exist, it is all acceleration and no brakes.

And when burnout happens, they are the last to know.

I looked to these people in the past as my mentors – inspired by their hustle, but I was only getting a glimpse of them at that moment.

I was unaware of the long-term effects of their frenetic drive, and I followed the same pattern.

Take time today to reflect on how your mentors are leading you and also how your behaviour may be leading others to follow the same pattern – positive and negative.

Let’s think deeply today about how we approach this week.

What is the game-plan? Is it stretching you enough without taking you and others too far into a panic?

Without reflection, our feet will be pressed firmly down on the accelerator and before we know it we are in a spin.

How do you plan your week?