Harness Your Brain Chemistry to Access Flow

Have you ever had moments when the world falls away, and you're entirely in the 'now'? This isn't just a fleeting feeling but a scientifically backed phenomenon known as 'flow',…

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The Inseparable Bond Between Risk, Life & Flow

The Inseparable Bond Between Risk, Life & Flow Last week, I learned more about the profound connection between risk and life and the thread that runs through the very fabric of…

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Ignite Your Expertise, Achieve Mastery and Find Your Flow

Let's start with a bold statement: The best athletes who compete at the top level know their skill set inside out. They understand their strengths and where they can add value to…

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3 Narratives That Will Help or Hinder Your Flow State

In my pursuit of mastering the state of flow, I needed to understand the dynamics of my ego and the narratives weaving in my mind that were helping or hindering flow. 

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5 Ways to Turn Up Your Flow State

My perspective on flow as something we "dial-up" rather than an on-off switch, as I described in Managing The Mist (2013) is in line with much of the current understanding of flow…

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4 Principles for Deeper Flow and Meaningful Living

I will share 4 principles for deeper flow and meaningful living in this blog "Managing The Mist" isn't just about harnessing the power of flow for professional excellence.

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I Nearly Lost It & Got The Mist!

I will share when I nearly lost it and got the mist last week. !The cool, frosty air greeted me as I entered the ice rink.

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4 Ways to Achieve Flow Amidst Life’s Chaos

Navigating the demands and challenges of life often feels like trying to peer through a foggy window. My journey with "Managing The Mist" has illuminated a path to profound…

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How to Improve Team Flow and Manage The Mist

As a coach and in the business world, I've seen this sh*t show many times.

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My Brain Has a Life Of Its Own

My mind is constantly pulling me towards doing something else - anything else! It's like a never-ending game of mental tug-of-war. But I've learned that being present and focused…

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