The Perfect Diet: Why Is It So Confusing??

I've been in a dietary puzzle for the last ten years. On the one hand, we've got the vegans who won't touch a piece of meat with a ten-foot pole; on the other hand, we've got the carnivores who are…

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Motivation Matters: The Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Debate

As a business owner, let's be honest, motivation plays a crucial role in determining your success, both in your personal and professional life. While there are many different types of inspiration,…

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What Rollerblading Taught Me About Business Change

In 1994, I was given the opportunity to achieve a dream that I had been working towards for years - the chance to represent my team in a prestigious roller hockey tournament in Florida. It was an…

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The Map Is Not The Territory

There are two types of strategic planning - Planned and Emergent. In such a fast and volatile environment, it may be impossible to execute a planned strategy in 2023.   A plan can be too formulaic…

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Keep an open heart in 2023

The year: 2023. The month: January. The feeling: The same as most of us feel at the start of every new year—a mix of motivation as we start anew combined with exhaustion from over-indulgence. If you,…

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You call it banter, I call it bullying

You call it banter, I call it bullying. When I was player-coach for Team GB, I ran into problems.

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