You’ve spent your life as a hyper-achiever. You’ve excelled throughout your career and grown a business, led teams and achieved everything you set out to do, but now you find yourself stuck, wondering what’s next and asking questions like…

Where has my confidence gone?

How do I get out of this rut

Who do I want to become?

Then the next 5 minutes could change your life.

Because I’m going to show you how The 4 Keys Method is helping busy executives eradicate stress, anxiety and worry from their lives to become calmer and happier. Reconnect with their spouses to build stronger, deeper and more loving relationships. And successfully lose over 10, 20 or even 30 lbs. All while having a thriving business.

And while I can’t promise that what I’m about to share will help you get on the cover of a health magazine or develop the serenity of a Buddhist monk, it could help you get into the best shape of the last 20 years... reduce your chances of developing serious stress-related illnesses and prevent you from burnout.

In-fact it could completely transform your life as you know it and give you the type of lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of but could never fully commit to because of business. The type of lifestyle that ‘others’ seem to have. One full of balance, happiness, and success.

And while I understand that you might be sceptical of getting such amazing results in only 90-days, it’s the same system that has already helped thousands of business owners to change their lives.

People that were doing well in business but struggling in other parts of their lives and knew that something had to change.

But first, I’m going to tell you what I told them.

It’s not your fault and there’s a reason why those other attempts didn’t lead to success...



The Traditional Methods Just Don’t Work…

Let me guess, you’ve been focussed on business, but here you are, and you’ve realised that other parts of your life need work.You’ve tried to do what most hyper-achievers do in your position. You’ve bought self-help books, listened to podcasts, invested in courses and tried to make progress with your health - but didn’t get results.The truth is, while some of these methods may bring short term benefits, they’re all quick fixes with one common fault, they only focus on one part of your life. And while that might seem like the right thing to do, it’s actually pulling you more out of sync. It creates more frustration because you’re not getting the results you want and even though you want to be a better person, you don’t know how.

You want to change how you think and feel, and how you respond to stress. You want to look and feel better and you want to reconnect with your partner… but you keep returning to the same pattern of behaviours.

It’s a pattern I know all too well because I used to be just like you and once I figured out that the traditional methods don’t work, and found what does, I was able to hit the reset switch, and everything changed.

What Makes Me Qualified To Talk About Transformation?

Hi, I’m Andrew Sillitoe AKA The Burnout Boss. I’m a business psychologist and former international athlete and coach, and my life's mission is to help hyper-achievers win back their confidence and play at the top of their game. My inspiration for the business came from watching my father, a successful businessman who made a lot of money and by all accounts was doing great. He did everything he could to ensure he was successful but he also neglected his relationships, his health and his mental wellbeing in the process.

The combination of the 1990 property crash and the way he lived took a toll on him, and one day he suffered a sudden heart attack and died… at the age of 48.

When I lost him I swore that my life would be different, that I wouldn’t make the same mistakes, but like many businessmen, I found myself consumed by my work and I neglected my health, wellbeing and relationship with my wife and family. I would head home after a hard day at work, skip the gym (again) and open a bottle of wine, which felt like the only thing I had in common with my wife. I’d glance in the mirror, hate what I saw staring back at me then go to bed, only to repeat that same cycle the next day as my days blended into one. I was fixated with business, convinced that I was working so hard for the good of the family but I didn’t see how bad my health, relationships and mood were becoming.

I was highly stressed, snapping at people for no reason, and couldn’t seem to switch off. Not to mention my marriage had broken down as my wife and I barely spoke.

Finally, it all came to a head in 2017 when my wife left me.

I was devastated, but looking back, it was the best thing that could have happened to me as it started me on my journey of self-discovery. It made me take a long hard look at myself and I realised that I’d been focussing on the wrong thing all this time.

Instead of purely focussing on business I should have been making time for my body, mindset and relationships, which would leave me better prepared to handle my business.I call this the 4-Keys, and as I began to put this process to work, I completely changed my life.

I became happier than I’d been in years. I was eating healthily, working out regularly and I looked as good 44 as I did when I played professional hockey, and as all of these changes took place, I even reconciled with my wife.



She saw the difference in me and was amazed at who I had become and it was then that I had the realisation that there would be other people out there, just like me, that needed a way to bring their life back into balance, giving them everything they’d ever wanted without having to sacrifice their business.

They needed a way to reset, and before a heart attack or divorce made them do it.

The traditional image we see of over-worked, highly-stressed, out of shape business owners doesn’t have to be the reality and I knew that if I could find a way to get this idea out to the masses it could create real change. Which is exactly what I’ve done. Since 2017 I’ve taught my system to 1000’s of other men and helped them to transform their lives in the process. They’ve fixed their marriages, improved their physical and mental health and their businesses are thriving as a result.

Now it’s your turn to see what it’s all about.

The 4 Keys 90-Day Reset - Transforming the lives of busy executives

It is a transformation programme, unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s the Swiss army knife of coaching as we focus on the main areas of your life that need work to ensure nothing gets left behind. It will change how you look, think and feel as you transform your health, relationships and mindset in only 90-days and give you a stronger support system to continue to build your business.

The 4 Keys 90-Day Reset will help you to change your life and challenge you in ways you won’t expect.

Once you’ve joined, the idea is simple. You implement ten daily habits for the full 90-days and begin the transformation process.Daily exercise, healthy eating, eliminating alcohol and toxic traits, mindset activities, relationship tasks and more…Each day you follow the rules, without compromise, to make these new habits stick.

The 4 Keys 90-Day Reset you can:

Gain more clarity about your vision and purpose in life, giving you a clear way forward.

Learn how to structure your mornings to help you to ‘win’ daily.

Become more present in your relationships as you reconnect with your loved ones.

Build your confidence in your business and personal life, so you can scale both, quicker.

Improve your health, as you lose body-fat and increase your energy levels with some simple daily steps.

Discover how to manage your thoughts and emotions clearly, making you bulletproof under pressure.

Finally, understand how to truly love and appreciate yourself.

Increase your physical strength, making you feel like you were back in your twenties.

Follow a proven structure to help you achieve your professional and personal and goals faster than you ever have.

Plus… when you join the 90-Day Reset, you will also discover the ‘Reset Process that is vital to your success.

Here’s what else you get when you join The 4 Keys 90 Day Reset:

Access to the Reset Community

Having community support is vital to help you stick at anything. That’s why when you join the 90-Day Reset, you will also get access to the private community so you can mix with others that are going through the same challenge as you. It will change how you look, think and feel as you transform your health, relationships and mindset in only 90-days and give you a stronger support system to continue to build your business.

Weekly group coaching calls

Each week I’ll hold a live coaching call with the group to help keep you on task and make sure you’re making the progress that you’re capable of.

Structure for success

At the start of the programme, you will receive your 90-day toolkit and each week we’ll keep you on track with expert resources and a structured plan to make sure you succeed.

Daily Reset tasks

Once you’re in the programme, you’ll discover the full breakdown of all the reset tasks, the key to helping you reach your goals faster.

Optimal Performance

I have been a high-level sports performer and an international sports coach. Whilst this is not a fitness programme when you join the 90-Day Reset, you will gain access to specialist training sessions that will help you change your body the right way.

All this and more is waiting for you and right now when you click the link below.

Not Your Typical Coaching Programme

There are other events, courses or workshops out there that promise to give you results, but ultimately, they don’t deliver. They just leave you abandoned and alone as you finish the programme and find yourself no further along and a few grand lighter.

The 4Keys 90-Day Reset is different, here’s why –

The 4Keys 90-Day Reset is different, here’s why –

Life in 4 keys

In the 90-Day Reset, you will discover how to live your life in 4 keys, bringing improvements to all aspects of your life. Discover how to reconnect and form stronger relationships with your loved ones. Turn back the years to get a stronger, fitter, healthier body and feel more mentally robust as you work on your mindset and become laser-focused on your future.All of this whilst scaling your business with more freedom and control but less stress and anxiety than ever before.

Transformation Based On Experience

Everything that I teach in the 90-Day Reset is born out of experience. I made the mistakes so you don’t have too. Now countless others have used this information to transform their lives.When you join the 90-Day Reset, you will get that firsthand experience. I know what works and how to help you change.

Proven Method

Thousands of business owners around the world have already used my methods to transform their lives and redefine their reality. When you join The 4 Keys 90-Day Reset you’re not just getting access to my content and ideas, you’re getting access to a proven method and way of life that has helped business owners the world over.

Results Focussed

Some programmes don’t care about your success, they only want your money. Then if you fail they’ll blame it on you. The 90-Day Reset is invested in you and the results you get.If you follow the plan and do what you’re supposed to, you will see results.

But Don’t Just Take My Word For It. Here’s What Others Have To Say About My Methods

“Most telling is that my relationship with my wife is amazing. She can see that I am happier, healthier, and less stressed. ”Brian JohnsonDirector Forward Role


Just Another Business Owner, Dead Before 55

If watching my father taught me one thing it’s that living a life with purpose is far more important than working on something I don’t fully understand or love just to make money and die.

When I see people living this way it breaks my heart. They go through life, ticking off accomplishments and achieving their goals but when they finally get to an age where they should be able to enjoy the fruits of their labour, they don’t know how.

They’re too pent up with stress and anxiety, their health is abysmal, they don’t know how to switch their brains off and they become one of those couples that go out to dinner, sit in silence and quietly wait for it all to end.


So if you’re ready to change your life, join the programme now.

Why is it half price?

As a coach with over two thousand clients that I can use as a case study, I’m sorry to tell you that declining health, increased stress, deteriorating personal relationships and problems with anger and communication are the norms, not the exception to the rule.I want to break that cycle and I want to help, which is why right now I’m offering this transformational programme for just £995 instead of £1995 during COVID 19Let me ask you…

What would it mean to you if you were to completely change your life?

What would it mean to your family if you could improve your health and your happiness?

Can you imagine spending time with the kids, doing fun activities and not worrying about business or feeling that burning itch to check your phone?

Can you imagine having clothes that fit, a strong, powerful physique and feeling as energised as you did in your twenties?

And can you imagine rebuilding your relationship, rediscovering the spark and creating a new bond with your wife like when you first met?

I can imagine it and I want you to have it. This is why right now, you can get all this and more for just £5 per day. Simply click the button below.

TABLE Data x4

TABLE Data x4

Can You Really Afford To Miss out?

The way I see it, you’ve got two options -

Option 1 is to close this page, go back to only focussing on business and neglecting everything else then feel frustrated as hell that you didn’t grab this opportunity when it was available the first time, then be back here in 3 to 4 months when I’m charging for it.

Option 2 is the smart move.

You decide that enough is enough and that you don’t want to become just another business owner that lets their health deteriorate as their relationships crumble and their stress levels skyrocket. You decide that you finally want to reach a place in your life that allows you to be truly happy and that you want to transform your life and business in the most effective way possible, so you invest in your health, happiness and security.

That choice is yours.

But as a final reminder, here’s what you get when you join My 90-Day Reset.

Access to the Reset Community - Join the supportive 90-Day Reset community and speak with others that are going through the same challenge as you. Weekly group coaching calls - Each week I’ll hold a live coaching call with the group to help keep you on task and make sure you’re making the progress that you’re capable of. Structure for success - Your 90-day toolkit and expert resources will give you a structured plan to make sure you succeed. Daily actionable tasks - Each day you’ll have a series of tasks to follow that will help you reach your goals faster. Once you’re in the programme, you’ll discover the full breakdown of all the tasks and a plan to help you achieve them. Health guidance - When you join the 90-Day Reset, You will gain access to specialist training sessions that will help you to change your body the right way. Clear goal outline - Once you join you will immediately receive your ‘Reset Toolkit’, to help you outline your goals, set firm progress checkpoints and most importantly, introduce you to your daily action steps.

Make no mistake, total transformation is difficult, but nothing worth having ever came easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wait until things calm down?I get asked this question a lot, but here’s the thing, there’s never a perfect time. There’s always going to be something and that’s the point of the 90-Day Reset, it’s designed to break you out of the comfort zone you’re in right now and challenge you to be better. What if I can’t see it through?It's simple, it is a reset, so you reset back to Day 1. Part of mental toughness is the ability to keep going when things get tough. You don’t lower the standards to make it easier, you rise to the occasion and find a way through. There are no cheat days on this programme, if you fuck up - you start again. It’s that simple. Is it possible to go the whole 90-days?Of course. Stick to your action steps and show up daily and you will see results. However, it is a transformation programme, not a quick fix so you will find it difficult. Do I have to follow a diet or start working out?Yes. To transform your body it will take work. You will follow the same process that other busy professionals have used to lose weight, build their fitness and improve their health. I haven't exercised in years ... and I'm too out of shape right nowYou are not too out of shape to do this. I developed the 90-Day Reset specifically to work for everyone regardless of physical fitness activity. If you have some weights, a kettlebell or you have access to a park, you can get this done. If I don’t like the action steps can I change them?NO. When you start making small compromises and letting yourself off the hook the wheels fall off and you’re back to square one. You subconsciously tell yourself it’s OK, and without knowing, create a pattern of failure. I have kids - I don’t think this would be possibleYour kids need to see you doing this. They need to see you as their superhero. Get the kids involved. Teach and inspire them, they need your leadership, and they need to see you succeed.

When can I start?Straight away. Click the link to complete your form and I’ll see you on the other side.


One Last Thing...

I forgot to say, this offer won’t last long. I’m very aware that for this type of transformation I could be charging thousands but right now I don’t want to do that. Due to Covid-19, plenty of people need more help than ever before, and that’s why I’m opening up ‘My 90-Day Reset for free’. But it’s only a matter of time before I charge what it’s worth. If you want to take advantage NOW, you need to act. One final thing. Let me ask you this: How would it feel to be 20lbs lighter with energy levels you’ve not seen since your 20’s? To not only be physically stronger and have the body that goes with it but to be mentally stronger and calmer in your day to day life? Could you imagine being happier, less stressed and more confident every single day? And how would it feel to reconnect with your wife and enjoy the type of intimacy you had when you first met? How would it feel to have all of that in just 90 days, and without having to spend a penny? Like the sound of that? Then you know what to do.