The Inner Circle

Is This You?
  • You have a three-year plan and you’re channelling all your energy into it
  • You’re hyper focused on work
  • You’re concerned about your mental and physical health
  • You are neglecting your close relationships
  • You’ve seen other leaders and entrepreneurs get burned out and you could be heading the same way
If it does then you already know how important a solid network of likeminded business leaders is to support and challenge you to be the best version of yourself.
That’s what inspired me to create The 4 Keys Inner Circle
I was fed up with hearing stories about good people with a great business plan, just like you, getting burned out, neglecting the people they care about and becoming physically and mentally unfit, no thanks to:
  • Working without a clear vision or purpose
  • Being lost in their work without a plan
  • Focusing on their physical and mental health too late
  • Lacking a daily structure with clear outcomes
  • No one to keep them accountable
To achieve all your business and career goals, you need to focus on the stuff that happens outside the office too.

Introducing The 4 Keys Inner Circle

The perfect combination of monthly 121 coaching with me and weekly mastermind calls with the group, all focused on bringing you the clarity you need to achieve your business goals in 2020.

I'm opening the Inner Circle up to 10 business owners who are serious about scaling their businesses without burnout.

What you can expect

The Inner Circle is a place where ideas become real results. Where business owners and leaders receive in-person support and guidance as they grow their businesses. It’s also where you’ll be held accountable not just by me, but also your peers!
You'll also be invited to join me in Prague for a 2-day in person mastermind for a safe and supportive environment, bringing together entrepreneurs and business leaders in The 4 Keys community for a weekend of amazing food, great company, business ideas, breakout sessions, and a little training and relaxation.

  • Weekly Group Accountability call on Zoom (1 hour)
  • Monthly 121 coaching call with me (1 hour) 
  • Access to all content and the exclusive Inner Circle group in The 4 Keys app
  • The 4 Keys Mastermind in Prague 
If you're serious and want to apply to join the Inner Circle book a call with me here:
Join a leading coaching and training community for business owners who want grow their businesses without killing themselves in the process!

For leaders who let their purpose, health and relationships guide them, not just the bottom line and profit.
Created to represent those dedicated to greatness in all they do. It isn’t just a membership; it’s a way of life.
And it’s packed with in-depth, practical training and resources on all aspects of building, running and growing a successful business, staying fit and healthy, whilst balancing personal relationships.

PLUS the community support you need to ensure you achieve your full potential.

The 4 Keys Inner Circle will help you:

  • Build a business you love that finally gives you the freedom and lifestyle you want
  • Get into the shape of your life by following simple fitness and nutrition principles
  • Maintain strong personal relationships whilst you grow and scale your business
  • Develop mental toughness, clarity and focus by learning how to slow life down and prepare for life in the fast lane when needed 
  • Create challenges that will keep you motivated, energised and on top of your game
  • Stay accountable to your personal and professional goals so that you achieve your vision faster


Tap into network of business owners who are driving the growth of numerous 6 and 7 figure businesses across a broad range of markets.
Where other coaches teach impractical theory and fluff – I’m a business owner, I’m in the trenches with my fingers firmly on the pulse
With fellow business owners – The 4 Keys Inner Circle is there 24/7 to answer all your questions and provide feedback and support
Members tell me they learn a lot from watching me 'do the work' - many others and I are a living 'case study', and I am transparent in showing behind the scenes of how I live my life across The 4 Keys.
NO Fluffy Bo%#*cks ALLOWED
Air punching, screaming business clichés and regurgitating platitudes – not really my thing. I’m here to focus minds, inspire change and make real positive difference to your businesses. 
I eat, sleep and breathe The 4 Keys. The App is my 100% focus and I love helping business owners achieve success. It's all I do, and I’m not going anywhere!


I am a business psychologist, performance coach and author
Blending 20 years’ experience as an elite international sportsman and coach along with three published books and an acclaimed TED talk. 
My innovative and straight-talking views on growing a business whilst balancing physical and mental well-being and personal relationships has resulted in my advice and guidance being sought after by key figures at several FTSE 100 companies.
“Working through the 4 Keys gave me a genuine sense of excitement as I got everything back on track, the last three months has been genuinely life changing"
Brian Johnson
Forward Role


I have a huge library of content in The 4 Keys App for you to dive straight into as soon as you join, from full courses on topics ranging from creating your vision and purpose, executing 90-Day game plans, removing barriers to change, tips on staying fit, nutrition, relaxation and leadership development.

Learn what you need, when you need to, from wherever you want.


The community is the heart of The 4 Keys Inner Circle and the place to go for all your questions, asking for feedback, gaining support and getting to know other like minded business owners.

I may be biased but I happen to think my members are amazing with a whole range of skills and expertise, and they make the Inner Circle forum an incredible resource to turn to 24/7.

You can even get private coaching from me for those times when you don’t want to share sensitive information or you just want some private accountability.

Coaching and training

Essential business and leadership tasks, including:

  • The 4 Keys Training Course
  • Weekly group coaching
  • Monthly 121 coaching with me
  • 90-Day Reset Daily Motivation - Audio and email
  • Free eBooks
  • Mindset training
  • Health and fitness training
  • Leadership training
  • Copy of The 4 Keys book
  • 2-Day Mastermind in Prague (Annual Only)

All of this and much more with The 4 Keys Inner Circle


£500 per month
£4,997 Annual - 2 instalments


If you're serious and want to apply to join the Inner Circle then book a call with me here:

Places are limited to only 10 places per year.

During the assessment call we'll have an open and direct conversation about your business goals and aspirations to ensure the Inner Circle is the right fit for you.

Ready to make real change happen?