Are you a team leader who wants to create a high performing team?

Want to understand the principles for developing a winning mindset?

In a world full of rapid change, we are often surrounded by uncertainty and lack of clarity about the future. Andrew Sillitoe successfully provides insights that are scientifically backed up to ‘manage the mist’. With inspiring leadership stories, original frameworks and an innovative road map to success, he clearly defines the critical pathway for enhancing leadership, creating high performance teams and developing winning mindsets.
It’s a great read and will appeal to a wide audience such as sports coaches, business leaders, and anyone who has an interest in improving their performance whether it is for professional or personal reasons.
Dan Gallagher, Management Consultant, IQ Energy
A brilliant collection of mind tools, scientifically fortified, easily identified with and presented with clarity.
Pete Turner, Coach and Mentor in Education
The approach Sillitoe takes with Managing the Mist is original, easy to grasp and applicable. With real world examples of both adversity and success, the book will motivate readers to take their leadership skills to the next level.
Daniel Clarkson, Management Consultant, Accenture