Andrew’s Blog: Trust Yourself

Trust your own opinions. Pay less attention to those people whose intention is to see you trip up or make you fail.

I’ve been too eager to meet other people’s standards in the past.

It made me work fast – but mostly in the wrong direction and left little time to do real work that matters.

Take time out today and ask yourself:

“whos race am I running?”

“My father’s, my boss, my partner’s father/mother?”

“Is it peer pressure?”

What type of person do you want to become?

Meditate on that!

Andrew’s Blog: Take a Look Inside

Leaders who don’t take the time to look inwards and work out who they are for themselves will end up being moulded by others – such as their peers, clients even their mentors.

I had a poor image of myself for many years and was constantly looking elsewhere for assurance. It wasn’t healthy for me and led me to make bad business decisions.

I have learnt that I am far more than my work or the sport I play. I refuse to be defined by them, even though it makes me feel safe.

Think about the many things you have to offer outside of your work and how much you have to offer yourself and others.

Keep an open mind – and meditate on this daily.

Otherwise, you will allow outside forces to invade your life and you will limit your potential.

Reset your life with my 10 Daily Habits.

Andrew’s Blog: Others Must Fail

✅ I make more money than my neighbour

✅ My house is bigger

✅ My partner is more attractive

✅ I am fitter and better looking

Overly competitive people want to see others fail. It gives them a sense of self-worth.

But the obsession with competing becomes so overwhelming and stressful that they forget what it’s like to enjoy life.

Letting go of competing and focusing on enjoying the moment leads to mastery.

Mastery happens when we are lost in the moment without the fear of failure.

There is no winning in life without mastery.


Andrew’s Blog: Be Flexible

Many workaholics suffer from depression and low self-worth. The work becomes the only means of getting recognition.

It is good for the ego.

A consequence of this is inflexibility, which is a belief that they are always right. And it can feel dangerous to confront them.

The worse part is they don’t know they are doing it.

We have to remind ourselves that there is no right answer in business. There are many. Make sure you are flexible in your thoughts and expectations.

Flexibility is empowering and will you help you avoid stress and overwhelm.

A desire to always be right may lead you blindly down a road to depression.

How do you stay open-minded?

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Andrew’s Blog: Mind The Gap

Many business owners lack balance in their lives because there is a gap between what they have and where they expect they should be.

Believing we are capable of achieving more is not a bad thing, except when it drives bad behaviour or hides what we are truly good at, or worse it makes us feel depressed.

It’s likely if you are not content with the gap between what you have and what you want, or you are trying to please too many people.

You can learn to notice when you feel overwhelmed or have taken on too much by practising mindfulness.

Mindfulness will help you focus on the present so that you are aware of your talents, creativity and intelligence.

Too high expectations of yourself and others will invite unhappiness and discontent.

Do you practice mindfulness?

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Andrew’s Blog: Act for Yourself

Business leaders who work themselves into the ground often lack self-esteem. They are so driven to please others to gain recognition that work becomes their identity. Who are they without their work?

It is easy to fall into the trap of defining oneself by his or her reputation.

Don’t get lost in other people demands of you so that you become a fictional character in your own life.

Act as yourself for yourself and no one else, the rewards are greater.

Maintaining an identity just to please others may mean they are writing the script for your life.

Take back control.

Andrew’s Blog: It’s Devils Work

It’s been said by the conspiracy theorists that Covid 19 and the lockdowns were a way to break the spirit of society – like a type of mental torture to reset the world.

I don’t believe this to be true – but I do know it is possible to break a man’s spirit.

I’ve seen professional sports coaches do it to their players and corporate leaders do it to their teams.

Some hyper-achievers need partners in their crimes – so they can hold them to the same expectations as they hold themselves.

They use fear and power, resulting in a trail of burned-out victims behind them as they move on without a single glimpse in their rearview mirror.

Be aware of how you treat others. Don’t ask them to overextend themselves just because you do. Be careful not to break their spirit.

Not everyone wants to work weekends – or be made to feel guilty when they don’t.

Andrew’s Blog: Unproductive Meetings

Have you ever identified a problem in a team meeting and spent so much time on the problem that you dissected it into several other problems, and then you forgot what the original problem was?

Furthermore, you and your team (or client) became so overwhelmed by the new problems that no solutions or actions were identified and a month later you remembered the original problem and repeated the same pattern.

Sound familiar?

This happens when the team or your client is seeing the problem through different lenses and you are rushing to solve it without getting a consensus.

When solving problems you need to get your team or your client on the same page.

When everyone sees it the same way – the solutions come much faster.

Otherwise, you will repeat the pattern of unproductive meetings and cause more stress and frustration.

What’s your number one tip for a great meeting?

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Andrew’s Blog: You’re Not Going To Live Forever

Business leaders are thinking about the future, hoping they will find time for pleasure when their work is done or reflecting on past opportunities they missed.

It is rare to be living and working in the present.

Whilst it’s important to have a vision for the future with 90-day targets, these can only be achieved when we win the days or even the minutes.

“If you take care of the minutes, the years will take care of themselves.”

Tibetan proverb

Aim to operate in the here and now rather than the past or the future. Be mindful of the moment and try not to obsess about what is next.

You are not going to live forever – a fact that many ambitious leaders ignore.

No one wishes they worked harder on their deathbed.

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Andrew’s Blog: Stop Playing The Victim

Stop Playing The Victim

Do you say things like:

“No one cares”

“I’m doing this for them”

“Can’t they see how hard I’m working?”

A victim mentality is one of the biggest reasons business owners push so hard and overextend themselves, constantly striving for external recognition.

And they wonder why they feel overwhelmed and out of balance.

Low self-esteem will prevent you from taking time out for yourself and seeing yourself as worthy.

Self-worth is a leadership skill in itself. You have to Do The Work – the mental work.

Otherwise, you will continue to cover up a lack of self-worth with more and more work and ultimately lead to burnout.

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